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Fri - 22:00 H.
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We return to Europe next May to present the themes of our CARNAL album, an exciting tour for what it means to reunite with our audiences, which we feel very close, despite the distance.

Santiago de Compostela (Sala Sonar) on Friday May 8 will be the first stop of a tour that will continue in Tenerife (Saturday May 9) and Almeria (May 10). It will be followed by the cities of Salamanca on Saturday, May 15 (Music Factory), Barcelona, ​​on Wednesday, 20th (Sidecar Room); Zaragoza on Thursday 21 (La Casa del Loco); Valencia (Friday 22, Matisse Club) and that will end with a great concert, surely very emotional, on Saturday 23 at the Galileo Galilei Hall in Madrid.

In addition to this tour through Spanish territory, our tour will also make the leap to Paris on May 12, Rome on May 13 and Milan on May 14

Stay tuned, we will continue to inform you about the news of this tour. Counting the days to see you friends!


Buena Fe, one of the great references of current Cuban music, will perform at Matisse Club to present his latest album, CARNAL, on a European tour that will take them through the main Spanish cities, in addition to Paris, Milan and Rome.

Trova influences and mixes of rhythms such as rock, pop, guaracha, reggae and flamenco define the music of this original duo, recognized as ‘heir’ of the artistic and aesthetic work of Silvio Rodríguez or Pablo Milanés. His captivating stories, enveloping styles and his commitment mark this group, one of the greatest exponents of current and essential Latin music to understand the evolution of Cuban music over the past 20 years.

Buena Fe is a duo composed of Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez from the province of Guantánamo (Cuba) that emerged in 1999. Both artists unite their talent in order to create and interpret music generated in their solo experiences, and carried out by several hands of a band with top-level Latin musicians.

They have published 9 albums on their discography in which they have collaborated with Silvio Rodríguez, Andrés Suárez, Omara Portuondo, or Decemer Bueno, among others. Since 2015 they work under the Metamorfosis record label, created by singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona.

In their 20-year career they launch CARNAL, the work they will present on this European tour, which brings together the steps taken and the paths investigated so far, faithful to an eclectic style that mixes ballads, rock and roll, pop with more Caribbean sounds nearby to the trova, the French tomb or the changüí.