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Wed - 20:00 H.
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Live music provides invaluable experiences and stimuli and is vital for people’s intellectual and emotional growth.

The concert halls are living a difficult and dark period, absolutely forgotten by the competent authorities who look the other way. We feel belittled after being called a “cocktail bar” when our main activity is live performances, not only because our license is “Café Cantante” and it is specified on the “piece of paper” but because of the characteristics of the room: dressing room, stage, projector, exhibition space, grand piano, sound, technicians, etc. Not to mention what it means to create a stable schedule that requires a production, management and communication team working at full capacity months in advance.

Since March our world has been reduced to misery and the contempt with which the administration looks at us is terrifying and slavery because the payments and taxes keep coming while we are closed without any help.

We need political solutions now! URGENTLY! We deserve to survive!

Thanks to our team for always being there. Thanks to all the artists and, of course, thanks to our wonderful audience.

Enjoy our #ElÚltimoConcierto #TheLastShow