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Sun - 19:00 H.
7€ – 10€
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The violinist Federico Nathan (Montevideo, 1986) is one of the great improvising violinists in the diaspora today. He acts as a soloist in ensembles and orchestras around the world and addresses a wide range of musical genres participating in different projects and formats, his project being the meeting point of his fervent creative restlessness.

While the language of his music is in contemporary jazz and improvisation, a wide variety of aesthetics and styles are covered. Own compositions and arrangements are played, opening new paths by combining different musical genres Federico Nathan proposes a trip through different sound universes, erasing the existing barrier between claysic music and Popular music, creating a bias free and deeply imaginative music. Through moments with the most innocent melodies that suddenly become an aggressive volcano of sounds, the essence of the project is the search for the unexpected and finding new ways to face something that has no previous experience.

On this occasion the themes of “ Sexopia City ” will be played, which will be the next album of the Federico Nathan Project, and will be released in summer 2020 by the Italian label Encore Music.

Sexopia City is the wild and animal place that limits the human being from discovering who he is in essence.

Federico Nathan – violin

Baptiste Bailly – keyboard / piano

Diego Pinera Page – drums

Advanced booking: 7€
Ticket office: 10€
*Limited seating.