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Sat - 23:30 H.
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Jah Macetas 3000 Cañamo Dub/Reggae Tutorial

Instrumental Reggae Dub

Reggae musical trajectory performing their own compositions as well as well as reknown Jamaican artists like Augustus Pablo, Jackie Mittoo, Prince Fari, Aston Barrett, Rupie Edwards, Bob Marley, etc. from an instrumental Dub perspective with a diverse and improvised jazzy contribution that comes to the musicians who form Jah Macetas 3000 for this occasion.

The repertoire selection made by Sergio Monleón, lyricist founder, guitarist and composer of the pioneering reggae band in Spanish language Jah Macetas in 1982 that actively participated in the MOVIDA valenciana (Valencian move). DJ and REGGAE vinyls collector with about 700 singles and 3000 LPs mainly adquired in London and other countries between 1983-2006. The musical criteria of the proposal from JAH MACETAS 3000 is more distant from commercial reggae-pop and closer to Cannabis awareness.


Jah Macetas starts in 1982 as a Reggae band whose lyrics where in Spanish. 2 cassetes where edited at the ‘Babia 1983 Microestudio’ with Santi Navalón and ‘Jah veus 1984’ in Sonoestudi with Felipe Lacruz, 2 vinyls 1987 UNa Semilla and 1991 Toda una Vida, contest finalist in the Pop Rock 86 Ministry and will edit a single of the compilation record mentioned. In 1996, the band signed for Warner Dro East and recorded a CD album with Clement Coxone Dodd Studio One called ‘Jah MAcetas y los Naturals’ in New York. Several auto-published CDs in 1997 ‘ Clásicos del Reggae’  with the Rumbero Jamaicano (Jamaican rumbero), 1998 Dub incorruptible with Julio Fari Dub ‘Fallas Explosion 98’ with Josep Barón Dandy. Between 2000 and 2009 Sergio Monleón (JAH MACETAS) produced the ‘Jazzin Reggae project’ with Alberto Tarín and the audiovisual LIVING REGGAE (2007-2008) double DVD CD filmed in Ethiopia, Spain and the UK with the participation of Jamaican artists like Dave BArker, WINSTON FRANCIS, STEVEN WRIGHT, A.J.FRANKLIN, EARL APPLETON and Valencian musicians like Kiko Berenguer sax, Pau Bonet trombone, Javier Mustieles keyboard, Rafa Villalba drums, Lucho Aguilar bass, Dani Rayos guitar, Jesus Salvador Chapi vibraphone, Alberto Tarín guitar and the voice of Sergio León Payoh Soul Rebel.

In 2011 the band produced the Maria CD with Pere Andrés ‘el Rumbero Jamaicano’ (the Jamaican rumbero) again and performed on the main stage at the ROTOTOM Festival. In 2013 produced the ‘Mantén el Espírtu libre’ (Keep the free spirit) with Payoh Soul Rebel as vocalist. In 2015 Segio Monleón decides to suspend the band night performances for urban circuits with the exception of Saturday 30th June 2018 at Matisse Club. The Reggae RASTA values that Jah Macetas 3000 share are natural life and love, no alcohol and Cannabis in all their varieties, and this is the way the band will express it in their songs.


  • Lucho Aguilar, bass
  • Bernardo Molina, voice and drums
  • Baptiste Bailly, keyboards
  • Toni Belenguer, trombone
  • Kike Martin, percussion
  • Sergio Monleon Pradas, voice and guitar

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