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7€ – 15€


Sat - 16:00 H.
7€ – 15€
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Matisse Club is already a meeting point for our community, the Korean music community or as it is usually called, K – Pop. Being Valencia one of the reference cities of our country in this type of festivals and community, of the hand of Kaibabo Studio and backed by HallyuMotion, the events called Welcome to Kpop Party take place.

What are these parties? A unique event in which dance, music and the public are the protagonists. It is not just a music session but to represent the most sonorous choreographies within the world of Korean culture. For young people, this type of music is a reference. They dance to the voices of their favorite artists, dance their choreographies and enjoy for more than four hours non-stop, in which all the most current themes are played, the most requested by the group through our social networks and an exclusive prepared recollection to enjoy those themes that years ago introduced to the public in this world.


At the parties, there are also exhibitions of dance groups or solo artists that are represented by the audience, raffles of albums by Korean artists, activities like “random dance” where everyone tries to dance all the refrains of the songs that appear or even special VIP sessions, dedicated to a group and / or artist in particular where only a small number of people attending the party access this pre-event session where they will enjoy the most iconic songs of that group / artist.

Welcome to Kpop Party is not just any party, but an event for all the “family” to have fun, plus with each ticket, in addition to your drink (water or soft drink) you get a gift!