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Sat - 19:00 H.
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The Orquesta Flamenca De Flautas (Flamenco Flute Orchestra of Valencia (O.F.F. València)); the first in the world with these special characteristics, a musical training composed of 25 instrumentalists, from piccolo flutes, low flute, C and even a great contrabass flute.

The idea of ​​Oscar De Manuel is as original as it is singular: “it is conceived as a novelty in front of the limited panorama of musical studies referring to other musics and other cultures”. The O.F.F. València “experiments in the interpretation and delves into the methodology and technical musical mastery of the Flauta in Flamenco and promotes a common language between flamenco and classical flautists in order to break the established interpretative barriers”. Flamenco sound and pinching are the characteristic principal of this new and pioneering formation.

Special collaborations such as David Llácer Jerez on the double bass, Juan de Pilar and Ricardo Bustamante on the guitars, José el Negro, David Gadea, Helder Santos Cajón Flamenco, Tomás de los Cariños or the Meligrana al Cante, special collaboration from the maestro of the flute Contrabass Luís Meirelles and the purest dance of Amador Rojas, La Manuela, Analuisa Cardona, Baile Centro Andaluz Aldaia and Mislata or Omar Acosta etc.

To be able to unite 20/30 Flautists, Flamenco Guitar, Cantaores, Baile, Flamenco Percussion and to attract them to the personal way of understanding the music and feel the flamenco of Oscar de Manuel, to try to turn them into “flautators”, into flutists who interpret, enjoy and accompany flamenco in its fullest expression as a whole, as a group.

The band:
23 Transverse flutes, in sun, low and contrabass.
Flamenco Guitar: Ricardo Bustamante
Percussion: Helder Santos
Voice: Jose el Negro
Double bass: David Llacer