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Le Petit Matisse: PIA PIA PIANO

3€ – 8€


Sun - 12:00 H.
3€ – 8€
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Piano for four-hands concert for babies

Yes, you can touch it all.
Yes, you can move around the whole space without fear.
Yes, you can crawl, dance, play the pianists’ feet and their skirt and their hands …

Pía-pía, piano is a four-handed piano concert for babies that was presented in 2011 at La Casa Encendida in Madrid as part of its En Familia program. Since that time many families have enjoyed this experience that aims to be the first encounter with live music for the little ones so that it arouses their interest, their emotion and their ability to listen.

The pianists Mónica Sánchez and Patricia Arbolí perform pieces by great composers of the story with four hands on a grand piano. Babies, dads and moms can move freely while the music plays.

The pianists will be attentive creating an environment conducive to everyone, young and old, you will find a beautiful first live music experience with a bright and loud grand piano.

DURATION: 45 min.

RECOMMENDED AGE: babies from 4 to 36 months


Pianist and singer of classical formation who develops his professional career combining interpretation and teaching.
As an interpreter, he has been participating in Pía-Pía, Piano (Four-handed concert for babies with pianist Patricia Arbolí) in La Casa Encendida since 2011 and has performed at Moritzbastei de Leipzig, Palacio de Congresos de Madrid, Teatro Adolfo Marsillach de Alcobendas, Mira de Pozuelo de Alarcón Theater, Auditorium of Logroño and numerous Cultural Centers of the Community of Madrid.
In 2017 he publishes Move your feet in dobemol, his first album dedicated to a family audience.
Currently she develops her professional activity as a musical director of several choirs and teaching at Casa del Lector (Matadero) and workshops in various spaces within the Dobemol Musical Activities project.


Pianist, Senior Piano Teacher and doctor of music with the thesis “Children’s piano repertoire in contemporary Spanish creation (1975-2014)”
Participates in Pía-Pía Piano (Four hands concert for babies with the pianist Mónica Sánchez) in La Casa Encendida.
He has collaborated with the Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid and performed concerts in various Cultural Centers and auditoriums of the Community of Madrid.
Since 2017 he collaborates as a singer and pianist in the concerts of the album Move your feet in dobemol.
She is currently a complementary piano teacher and belongs to the management team of the Royal Higher Conservatory of Music in Madrid.

Advance tickets: € 3 children, € 5 adults
Ticket office: € 3 children, € 8 adults
* Limited seats.