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Sat - 19:30 H.
10€ – 12€
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Acclaimed by the critics, Brazilian guitarist, composer and arranger Sergio Pereira will perform with his band at Matisse Club.
The artist will present songs from his latest album ‘Nu Brasil’, ‘which came out on the American label “ZOHO Music / NYC”. A collection of 10 original compositions, with contributions from an exuberant team of 18 of the best jazz musicians in the world.
The artist will also present some songs from his other bossa records and standards.

Living in New York in the 80s I study with some of jazz greats, like Chuck Wayne, Sal Salvador. Alex Adrian, Hui Cox and Joe Carter. Since the early 90’s, I’ve been traveling the world, playing with different bands and in different places in different countries of Europe, Africa and other places. In the United States, some of the names with whom I have shared music include Gil Goldsten, Cidinho Teixeira, Leco Reis, Luis Ebert, Claudia Villela, Adriano Santos, Helio Alves, Nilson Matta, Mauricio Zottarelli, Lonnie Plaxico, Duduka da Fonseca , Alex Sipiagin, Reza Khan, Greg Skaff and many others.

In Spain he has shared music with Perico Sambeat, Voro Garcia, Alexey Leon, Viktorija Pilatovic, Ales Cesarini, Mariano Steimberg, Luis Guerra, Iván Ruiz Machado, Latino Blanco, Veronica Ferreiro and more.

For the carioca, Sergio Pereira, interpreting the Portuguese word “Nu” as the title of his album Nu Brasil and then following it with a wonderful set of strings to make everything come alive, must be the easiest thing in the world … After all, he is a string player, playing what Brazilians call violão in the great tradition of the long list of Brazilian guitarists, which not only follows but embellishes enormously. Pereira has also taken a leap into the unknown, so to speak, with music that has complex orchestrations, mixing the traditions of men like Laurindo Almeida and Baden Powell with those of Heitor Villa-Lobos. A bold move like Mr. Pereira has not tried before. Their debut album, Swingando, although it featured a constellation of Brazilian superstars, was a small joint effort. But this recording is another thing at all … a wonderful project.

Sergio Pereira: guitar
Baptiste Bailly: piano
Miquel Àlvarez: bass
Alexey León: sax/flute
Mariano Steimberg: drums

Brazilian jazz.

*Limited seating.