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Sat - 23:00 H.
5€ – 8€
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Valbè is a trio from Argentina that dives the waters of Latin American rock. In its contemporary composition of the argentine coast, it combines elements of rock, funk, pop and folklore, from a structure of experimental chords, which function as fractal songs of its landscape.

In a cross of voice, guitar, bass and drums, the compositions are inspired by landscapes, characters, sonorities and customs of his hometown, Gualeguaychú, and of the places that were transiting.

In recent years, they have toured the scene of various provinces in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. In their search to continue tearing down borders, in 2018 they have toured Entre Ríos, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, San Luis and San Juan, closing the year with the invitation to participate in the SIM Market of São Paulo (Brazil) and perform a tour in the sister country.

Valbè has three studio albums edited, which reflect the ascending and versatile path of the project: “Valbè” (2009), “7 Paisajes” (2014) and “Terser” (2016); the latter was recorded entirely and mixed in the Family Mob Studio of San Pablo (Brazil) by the engineer Hugo Silva and edited by the prestigious label El Club del Disco.

*Limited seating.